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Who is cleaning your pool???

Posted by Triton Services on Sunday, August 11, 2013,
The stories keep flowing in about 'So-Called' Pool Cleaners failing to do the job they promise.

One pool cleaner we have seen personally must be amazing! He can clean a pool in 7 minutes, once a fortnight!!!

Other ones must do it remotely!

For at least the three months of Summer your Pool should be properly cleaned at least twice a week to maintain the water safety regulations.

Cleaning consists of 1. Netting the surface  2. Vacuming the bottom  3. Emptying the Skimmers  4. Scrubbing by hand the ...
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Security Warnings

Posted by Triton Security Coordinator on Sunday, August 11, 2013,
Police have released a warning to motorists using the AP7 motorway following a number of incidents where motorists have stopped and then been robbed. The offenders use a number of tactics including flagging motorists down or even deliberately puncturing their tyres. When the motorists stop they are distracted whilst a second offender enters their vehicle and steal valuables.
Advice is to stay locked in your vehicle and call the emergency services if you have a problem with your vehicle, do not...
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