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Security Counts

Posted by Triton Security on Thursday, June 13, 2013,
Talking to a letting agent today who we know who asked about our security service in the Mojacar, Lubrin area. Initially they said that most the properties they manage have alarms, then I posed the question, when the alarm goes off, who does the alarm company call? You! Are you in the country? A neighbour? Are you happy for a neighbour to go out and check your house in the middle of the night? Does your neighbour go and physically check your doors and windows once or twice a week?
peace of min...
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Moors and Christians, San Juan Fiesta. Mojacar

Posted by Triton Security Senior Advisor on Saturday, June 8, 2013,
The Moors and Christians, San Juan Fiesta is in full swing this weekend, however with such a popular event comes problems as not only does it attract locals and tourists but it also attracts criminals and opportunists.
Remember to lock your home up properly, use approved window and door locks, leave a light on and even the TV or Stereo.,
Leave a car on the drive and a few odd dog toys!
When at the event keep handbags zipped up and carry them in such a way that no one can get to them. Only take w...
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Bogus Officials. Warning

Posted by Triton Security Team. Mojacar on Saturday, June 8, 2013,
Reports are coming in of Bogus Gas Officials operating in the Mojacar and surrounding areas.
The men are dressed in Repsol tee shirts and are attempting to gain access and charging unsuspecting victims cash for so-called repairs..
do not let these men in!
Always check identification of all callers.
Never part with cash.
Never leave any caller unattended in your property
Have a friend or neighbour present when tradesman are at your premises.
if you see these bogus gas men or are suspicious of any cal...
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Home Security

Posted by Triton Security Team on Thursday, June 6, 2013,
Far to often we have reports of uninvited guests using people's swimming pools etc whilst the owners are away or abroad, some of these trespassers even have pool parties at these vacant houses! Triton Services provide customers with regular security patrols at random times of day and night to deter these unwanted guests. Reporting directly to the owners so they know what is happening whilst they are away.
so is your villa being looked after properly whilst you are away?
Have peace of mind for y...
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