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Fires in the Cabrera Mountains

Posted by Triton Services Senior Security Advisor on Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lightening strikes during a thunder storm last night ignited brush fires in the Cabrera Mountains bringing back horrendous memories of larger fires in the area in previous years. 
The fires were quickly doused by the Bomberos who utilised helecopters to fight the flames. 
How safe is your property if fire breaks out?
As a result of the urbanisation of this region in Spain including the cultivation of land and gardens the risk of fire has increased and the potential for damage to property has greatly increased.
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Tips for Fire Protection:
Think about tactical planting of trees and shrubs.
Maintain physical Fire Breaks by leaving a 'Clear Void' around your property free of plants and combustable materials.
Ensure natural plant areas are tended and regularly cut back.
Keep a hose pipe ready.
Be extra careful with barbeques.

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