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Pools, Lettings & Ground Clearance

Posted by Triton Services on Friday, July 19, 2013
As the weather begins to heat up the Triton Team have been working flat out.
Pool Cleaning - To keep your pool in tip top condition your Pool Cleaner should be cleaning it at least TWICE a week. We are continually hearing stories of companies only attending once a week and some who either don't come at all when you are away or just pop round for five minutes and do very little!
Triton attend at least twice a week during the summer months and carry out a full clean, water test and adjustment as required and keep your pool in tip top condition. Plus we leave a record of exactly what we have done for your reference.
Dont be flogged off by inferior service, swimming pools are an massive expense and need to be looked after.
Ground Clearance - The battle against the undergrowth continues! Clearing further terraces for both British and Spanish Clients. Keeping the grounds tidy but also maintaining the fire breaks to keep the properties safe.
Gardening Services - Tree and shrub pruning has been a rewarding job this week. Ensuring fruit trees are properly kept will increase the quality and amount of fruit.
Exterior Painting and Home Security Improvements.

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