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Who is cleaning your pool???

Posted by Triton Services on Sunday, August 11, 2013
The stories keep flowing in about 'So-Called' Pool Cleaners failing to do the job they promise.

One pool cleaner we have seen personally must be amazing! He can clean a pool in 7 minutes, once a fortnight!!!

Other ones must do it remotely!

For at least the three months of Summer your Pool should be properly cleaned at least twice a week to maintain the water safety regulations.

Cleaning consists of 1. Netting the surface  2. Vacuming the bottom  3. Emptying the Skimmers  4. Scrubbing by hand the waterline 5. Brushing the pool walls  6. Water temperature readings  7. Water Quality Test  8. Adding any addittional chemicals  9. Filter Backwash at least once a week (Twice depending on use and water quality) 10. Emptying the Filter Basket  11. Water Level top-up

Triton Pool Cleaning guarantee our work and provide the customer a full record of work carried out each visit.

So does your Pool Cleaner do all this?
Prices start from Euros 60 per month, is it time for a change?

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