Property Management Mojacar, Bedar & Vera Playa

Triton Services offer a full Property Management Service so if you own a property in Mojacar, Bedar, Vera Playa or the surrounding area and either Rent it out or leave it unoccupied for periods of time then we will provide a bespoke management service which suits your needs
Own a Property in Spain
If you own a property in Spain and either live abroad or leave the premises unoccupied for periods of time we can provide a suitable Property Management Service for you including:
Key Holding
Physical Security Checks Inside and Out
Arrange & Oversee Repairs
General Maintenance
Gardening & Plant Watering

Your property is a valuable asset and finding someone you can trust to look after it is never easy, we have over 30 years UK Policing experience so you know that we are honest and reliable.
We pride ourselves on our customer service ensuring that you receive regular updates including photographs or videos so you can actually see what is happening and that the property is properly cared for.
You will not be tied into so-called Maintenance Contracts like most agents insist upon. We can carry out repairs etc if you so wish or you are free to use whoever you like.

Rental Property Management
If you have a property which you rent out or loan to friends and family we can provide a full service to protect your assets and enhance your guests holiday experience
Property Management would include ensuring the property is clean and tidy ready to receive your guests, a full Meet & Greet Service where we arrange and meet the clients at a specified location and take them to the property, show them around and how everything works, provide them with a full written guide to the property and local amenities. and take possession of any cash deposits.
We can register all guests electronically into the Guardia Civil website
We would then be available 24 hours a day as a local emergency point of contact for the clients.
We would also be available to provide additional linen and cleaning services whilst the clients were there if required.
At the conclusion of the rental period we would attend and physically check the property for any damages prior to returning the cash deposit and seeing the clients out of the property.
After your guests have gone we would provide a full cleaning and linen service to ensure that the property is looking its best ready for the next guests.
Our service ensures that you have a tried and trusted person locally to look after your home as if you were there yourself without any of the worry!
We can also provide:
Welcome Packs
Bespoke Local Guides
Property Maintenance
Pool Cleaning
Full Guests Services

Its always cheaper to employ one team to do all the jobs rather than lots of individuals!

Changes to the laws in Spain mean that in some provinces property owners are obliged to conform to certain criteria,, including, providing a 24 hour call out representative locally. Most rental agents cannot or will not provide such a service whereas we can. We are a small family team that take care and pride in our work and know our properties intimately and look after them as our own. We know our customers personally and by keeping our portfolio small we carry out the works ourselves rather than out-sourcing the works to contract staff to ensure your clients get the best possible service.
We are also in a position to advise property owners on their obligations and legal responsibilities when considering renting out their property.
Triton Services are enhancing our on-line services to provide details of  properties for rental, we can then direct site traffic or individual enquiries to you, the owner, or to your specified booking agent. This increases your exposure, on-line presence and  expands your rental potential and income.

Selling a Property in Spain
With Property prices in Spain still falling if you are selling your house or villa you want to get as good a return as possible. 
The market is awash with properties at present so how do you make sure yours stands out from the crowd and sell for the best possible price?
Experience has shown that properties which provide a great first impression leave a lasting impression and are more likely to sell than those which are in need of a little care and attention!
You can make up to 100,000 euros extra on your property if it's looking good and kept up together, we know!!!!
Unfortunately too many great properties are left unoccupied or the owners aren't in a position to manage the upkeep and then the property rapidily deteriorates in this climate and therefore the value soon drops drastically!
You can remedy this quite easily and cheaply with simple repairs like a coat of paint or keeping the garden tidy and looking its best, have the windows cleaned or patio power washed. 
All these 'little jobs' DO make a difference.
We work closely with a number of the top estate agents in the area and they all agree that a few euros spent here and there can reap major benefits when it comes to selling a property
No-one wants to spend money on a property they are getting rid of, but why not make the best of what you have got and greatly increase your chance of selling quickly and at the price you want.
Triton Services can provide bespoke maintenance packages or 'One Off' whirlwind visits to get your property up together before potential buyers see it.
Contact us to discuss your needs
You will be pleasantly surprised how inexpensive we are!
We can provide full references or put you in direct contact with existing customers to find out how good we are yourselves!

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